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"Healing Through Hip-Hop" tour update - Posted on March 2, 2011

Hey peeps! Just wanted to fill you in on this amazing experience Im having on this tour with MC Redcloud & Shibastik (a local MC here in Ontario) Arrived in Toronto, Ontario Canada late Feb 19. 8 hours before we hit the ground we were in 75 degree weather and palm trees. Now were are in -16 and 2 feet of snow. Shibastik & his girlfriend Kat picked Redcloud & I up from the airport late that night. Caught a couple hours of sleep and headed to the train station in Timmons Ontario. BLIZZARD! From there, a 5 hour train ride to our first stops. Moosonee, Moose Factory, Kash and Fort Albany. All Cree reservations. After a long traveling day we checked in our hotel and crashed out. Feb 21st Monday, had 3 shows. 2 different schools and a nite concert. Next 3 days, same routine for the schools at the different reserves. A little bit about what we do.. As the kids are are walking in the auditorium, Redcloud is standing by the door asking them to give him the first word that pops in their head. He writes it down. Takes about 20 words. Shibastik starts the show off..he speaks about traditional Native ways, respecting the land, 7 sacred teachings, and hunting. He then performs a song about each thing he just talked about. When hes done, he tells the kids a little about me. Gives them a few acting credits they may have heard of and introduces me as "Actress/dj Crystle Lightning" I take about 10 minites to share my story on how i started djing and that at first it was just an idea, but i made it a reality. Now i get to travel as a dj for Redcloud and get paid for something i love to do and that is fun! "Dont follow your dreams, CHASE them" I also let them know I'm Native just like they are and they are able to do or be anything they want to be in life. Nothing is given to you. After my lil' chat with our audience, i talk a little about Mr Redcloud. "He's a 5 time freestyle champion on the number 1 radio station in the world." I ask them if they know what freestyle is and if they know who Eminem is...Of course they all do. I then tell them that Redcloud beat Otherwise who beat Eminem in a freestyle battle. They love it. I welcome him on stage. He starts by asking for a volunteer to hold the paper with the words on it. Then he says, " Alright everybody, on the count of 3 your gona say Crystle Lightning drop that beat"!! I drop the beat. He then freestyles including every word he collected from the students earlier. They go crazy! Now he has their full attention, and he goes into his story. Very heart wrenching and inspirational with humar . Where he comes from ( a very hard childhood) and how far he's come with his music success (record deal) etc. The majority of the students are involved in gangs, drugs, suicidal, or come from abused families. Each one of us 3 have something different we bring with our stories. Its an amazing feeling watching their faces change as the show goes on. If we can use our art/talents to influence them in a positive way and show that no matter who you are, where you come from, what you've been through, You can accomplish anything your heart desires, then we've done our job. I know they hear that from their teachers/parents, but here is 3 completely different artists showing and proving. We are now in Thunder Bey Ontario. 9th tour day. We have 3 shows today. 2 boy detention facilities and 1 female. Thursday well head out to Winnipeg to do 1 more school and Friday well be doing a concert at LEVEL 2 night club. Going to be bananas!! Coming back home to LA on Saturday March 6th. As soon as we land, heading over to Palm Springs for a screening "The Worlds Best Indian Taco" A film i starred in.;) Life is good. I am so blessed. xoxoxo Much Love