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Life.. - Posted on March 10, 2011

Its so crazy how life takes you on such a roller coaster ride. I have to say November & December of last year and January of this year were some of the most difficult months for me. Personally and professionally. Dealt with a lot of loss and unexpected change. Thank you to the family and friends who truly had my back through that rough time. (You know who you are) February and March completely turned around for me both personally and professionally. New amazing relationships. The tour, which touched my heart. Very first mixed tape "Technics & Tutus" (copies by March 20!) My dad beat death Signed with a new acting/talent manager And there's so much more. One of my mentors used to always say this to me.."Crystle,.once you accept this concept, you'll be much easier on yourself. Life is a roller coaster, and acceptance is the key to all our problems. When things are down, just deal and accept it, know that its only temporary & things have to go back up. When things are up, you better milk it because eventually it has to go back down." In life Were given gifts and thrown curve balls. Its about useing our gifts and staying humble. The Curveballs, how do we hit them? Thank you M linda. I miss you Good Nite ya'll Much Love xoxo Crystle