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The next 10 days. - Posted on February 17, 2012

Hey friends! Just finished packing and decided i wanted to share with you what i will being doing for the next 10 days. Last year, a very good friend/ brother of mine Shibastik asked Myself and MC RedCloud to be a part of this wonderful, inspiring tour/workshop called "Healing Through Hip-Hop" This unique and empowering workshop focuses on some of the major issues that Native youth are all too often confronted with, from coping with loss, having low self esteem, addiction to struggling to find their cultural identity. This workshop was initially developed by Shibastik while working with incarcerated youth at a Secure Custody Youth Detention Center in Northwestern Ontario. After much success he was invited into other Youth Detention facilities across the region to present his workshop to both youth and staff. Last year this experience truly changed my life. I was able to share my story of where i come from and how i got to where i am. "Chase Your Dreams, dont Follow them" RedCloud and i were given a chance to share our stories (both very different) to inspire and to be examples that they can do what ever they like. Shibastik asked us to join him for another round this year going to many of the reservations in Ontario. One of the communities we will be visiting, Attawapiskat First Nation, is one of the most impoverished First Nation communities in Canada, with some living in conditions that mirror those of third world countries. They made national headlines recently due to their overwhelming state of emergency. This breaks my heart, BUT at the same time i feel i have a responsibility to share my story and give them hope. The Creator has given me something beautiful and i must share it. Give love. I LOVE MY PEOPLE; ALL PEOPLE. xo Crystle