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HI! - Posted on May 12, 2012

Hey Sweeties!! Just wanted to let you know that my website is under construction. Updating graphics and adding a few things. Going to be some treats for members, and also adding to my store;) *I have a photo shoot with Eric Gea tomorrow, which these photos will be dedicated to my personal website only.;) yaay! * I am also working on a calender which will be available for 2013 (exciting!) *LightningCloud is doing fabulously. We were in the studio last nite recording our eighth song for the album. Amazing things in store..promise! *"Femme Fatales" ( the HBO/Cinemax series i worked on) is in post production and we received news that "Comicon" is inviting "The Furies" (the trio gang my character is apart of) this year. It will be my first time.;) *Laides of the House ( my dj crew) is performing at "Skinnys Lounge" No Ho May 27 memorial weekend. Come check it out. It was a success May 3, so they invited us back. Come feel the grooves. ;) love, love, love Crystle Lightning xoxxo