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My week & weekend! - Posted on June 12, 2012

Hey lovlies!!

Just wanted to check in. ;) The beginning of my week started off nice and smooth with an audition that went well.

*On Friday MC RedCloud & I (aka LIGHTNINGCLOUD) have a rehearsal with DJ Hydroe for our live show this Sunday June 17. 

*Saturday, some friends and I are getting together to have an "Indian Taco' Party!...What is that??? Well, a bunch of us get together and make traditional Native American food, laugh, catch up. Basically a way for us to let our friends know how much we appreciate them.;)

*Sunday is our BIG SHOW! Im really excited about this show..we have a lot of amazing acts opening for us. Its going to be at The Terrace in Pasadena...FREE and ALL AGES! Come on out

I hope everyone has a FABULOUS week ahead and make sure to look and people in the eye and smile. Makes em feel good..