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Hi!! - Posted on June 21, 2012

Hey Cupcakes!heart

So, Im all packed for my Regina trip. Leaving in a few hours, Im trying to stick it out and stay up. Im super exciting to be one of the two hosts of Aboriginal Day Live. for those who do not know what that is.....It is a live taped show, showcasing Canadian Aboriginal music artists. I am privilaged to interview them all.;) I cant wait to see some of  my Canadian friends from Native Model Studio, eat Ketchup chips and have Tim Hortons!! Yummmy!! Aside from that, meeting new talented artists is always fun.;) 

GHOST GIRLS; Shoot at the Pioneer Cemetary last nite was sooooooooo much fun AND scary. Tawnya met one of her Ghost boyfriends named Christopher. We ALL heard him on the Ghost monitor. eeeeh hee heeee!! Ghost Girls will be featured on A & E's "My Ghost Story" (date coming soon.)

LIGHTNINGCLOUD; Last Sundays show at The Terrace was amazing. Every group was different, and a treat for the eyes and ears. What more could you ask for? THEN, the crowd. I mean, the energy in that place was simply electric...(no pun intended.. lol) I cant wait to do it again. Every live show im blessed to be a part of, I learn something new, and thats a beautfiul thing. 

FYI..My new web design will be up first week of June....YAAAAAY!

LIGHTNINGCLOUD album drops JUNE 29 What!! What!!!! 

Please have a lovely weekend. Ill be posting new photos when i get back from my trip.

Be Blessed,

Love Crystle xoxoxooxheart