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Hi!! - Posted on August 4, 2012

Hey Buddies!!!cool

First of all, the LightningCloud record release party last nite at the Dragonfly was so much fun. Thank you to all our friends, family and fans for coming out and supporting us. We would be nothing without you. The love, support, and kindness truley touched our hearts. So much more coming from LIGHTNINGCLOUD. 

Today, RedCloud and I had an amazing workshop at Pitzer Collage in Clairemont. The first hour we both share our stories and then we followed with a concert. The kids were so energetic and alive with spirit. It made us feel really proud of our proffesion and the path we have chosen. We inspired them, and they inspired us. Truth. 

Now, I am home reflecting. 

In appreciation to our fans, friends and family, id like to give you a heads up. Be on the look out for a video we are dropping next week, anouncing our fan appriciation  specials on LIGHTNINGCLOUD t-shirts, key chains, bandanas, music and concerts. 

Ps. I will be uploading more pics of the party and more in a few days. AND if you would like a listen of the LIGHTNINGCLOUD album before you purchase it..FEEL FREE www.lightningcloud.bandcamp.com


Crystle Lightning heart