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Hey loveys! - Posted on October 26, 2012


Happy October everyone! surprise Thanks for checking out my blog. 

Yesturday my friends (twins) Dey and Nite and myself went to the Conan O'Brian show at Warner Brothers. It was so much fun. After the show, we got to go backstage, meet him and take pics on his stage. Hes very sweet and humble. ;) I am forever a fan. 

Today, my Ghost Girls and I had a lunch meeting to speak about up and coming events, radio shows, red carpet etc... The producers also showed us a rough cut of our first episode. Its looking great! There are some final touches to be made, along with some ADR and then the first episode is DONE!  I will be keeping you posted on what is going on with the radio show. Follow us on twitter...www.twitter.com/Ghostgirlstv.com

Last Saturday i was a Ring Girl for "Submissions Promotions" for 9 MMA fights at Citizens Bank Arena. It was a BLAST! I will keep you MMA fans posted on up and coming fights (which I get discount tix for...wink!) Follow us on twitter... www.twitter.com/submissionspromotions.com

Ladies of the House (Christi Mills and I) are currently working on new house mixes and planning our next event. Check out our website www.ladiesofthehouse.biz and follow us on twitter..... www.twitter.com/housemusicdames.com

LightningCloud has a Halloween show in Long Beach this Saturday. Oct 27 (address in Calendar)HUGE Party. The full LightningCloud crew will be there....Dj Hydroe, DJ Wise, MC RedCloud and myself Crystle Lightning..Then we get ready for our big trip to Canada (Check out my calander for specific event dates and details.) BIG WEEK AHEAD!! Attending  the"Aboriginal Music Peoples Choice Awards" and nominated for best album. Wish us luck! I feel so honored just to be there and nominated.;) Day after that, is our show for "Aboriginal Music Week" We will be performing with Joey Styles, and Stevie Salas. After those very exciting few days, we start our 12 day tour on the road along with 2 other MC's, Shibastik and Rashional. More details coming soon. I will be blogging a lot more, sharing my experience. 

Until then, i will be mentally preparing for the weather change. lol

Loveheart and Lightenlightened to everyone!

P.s I am so grateful to be a part of many different things. I never take it for granted, sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but at the end of the day, I love every single project, activity, and job I am fortunate to be a part of. 

P.p.s I added a new album "Ring Girl" and will be adding more photos from my recent activitys in the next few days. Check em out! 

Creator never gives you more than you can handle, and everything is happening just as it supposed to. 

Have a great week lovelys!

xoxoxoxheart Crystle Lightningheart