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IM BACK! - Posted on June 12, 2013

Hey loves!cheeky

Sorry I've been MIA for the last couple months from my site, it was under construction and its taking longer than I expected;)

Ok! Where do I begin?! Soooooo much has happened since my group LightningCloud (Crystle Lightning, MC RedCloud and Dj Hydroe) won the award for "BEST HIP HOP" album at the APCMA's in Winnipeg back in November. That was my last blog. 

In February we entered a contest called "Whos Next, Battle for the Best" Its a contest that LA's Hottest radio station POWER 106 puts together for up and coming, hungry new artists. (New York HOT 97 has the same contest at the same time). Basically, 3000 West Coast artists entered this contest, by submitting 2 songs. These songs along with a video are posted on the Power 106 website and the people vote for who they like. IM telling you, from Feb to April this consumed my life. You could literally watch people move up and down. Voting every 12 hours. You could drop 10 spaces in 1 day if your people stopped voting. It came down to the top 8, which we made. Thank God! The top 8 now have to perform 1 original song and freestyle battle against the others in front of a huge crowd, Dj Felli Fel, Yesi Ortiz, and the Power 106 executives. 

We killed it. From there, they announce the WEST COAST winner. Guess who it was!? LIGHTNINGCLOUD! Meanwhile, New York has their winner. 

Next step is, We, LightningCloud and the East Coast winner go to SXSW in Austin Texas. One of the biggest music festivals in the world and battle it out there. 2 hours pass after our performance, in the middle of Kendrick Lamars set, they announce the winner. We had people all over tuning in. From Canada  to California to New York. 

LOS ANGELES TOOK THE CROWN BACK TO THE WEST COAST! We won. Out of thousands, we won.

From that day on, my life has changed. What an amazing feeling. Hard work, perseverance, dedication, rehearsal, ambition and drive pays off. 

WHAT DID WE WIN??? *$10,000  *A beat produced by TIMBERLAND * 12 hrs of Free studio time with Felli Fel *Opened for Kendric Lamar at SXSW *A lot of exposure!

Since the big win 2 months ago, I've been a busy lil bee....



*Rocking shows locally and internationally, forming new relationships

*Signed with a music manager, Zach Miller

*Weekly rehearsals, perfecting our live show

*We've had interviews at and with B-Real t.v, Skee t.v, Power 106, Bad Sin Boys t.v, 5th Element on CFWE, Think NDN/Vancouver

*Getting ready for POWERHOUSE 2013 June 22 at the Anaheim Honda Center. 18,000 people. Later that nite, performing at CHRIS BROWNS after party!

*Meeting with Rostrum records (fingers crossed, possible record deal)

*In the studio with DNA, making hits!


"Ladies of the House" is a DJ duo that consists of myself and Christi Mills. We specialize in House music and perform our own live tracks, while spinning. We've played at different clubs, and partys all over the country. We recently dj'd an amazing party in Santa Fe, New Mexico and play all over LA. KING KING, LUCYS 51, SKINNYS, FOUNDATION ROOM, EL BAR, PARLOUR ROOM, FEDERAL,DRAGONFLY, & TID LOM.  (Check my calendar for dates). Christi has her mixes on Soundcloud (Dj Christi Mills) We have an amazing party coming up on June 30th at KING KING. All white everything! 


I was recently on an episode of "Southland". Felt really good to be back on the set. I took it slow for a year because I was traveling with LightningCloud so much. I am auditioning on a regular basis again and it feels really good. I can honestly say, I am in love with everything that I do. I have such passion for expressing myself through art and entertainment, whether in be in front of the camera or the stage, as the actress, on the microphone or in the recording booth as the MC/Rapper or on the turntables mixing music and making people dance as the DJ.  My life can get a little chaotic sometimes, but I feel that fuels me. I would be bored otherwise.;) 

Im working on a Crystle Lightning 2014 calendar! Yaaaaaay!! Its a fun process, I get to play dress-up all the time and I love it! Wigs, different characters, make up...all sorts of cool stuff. (I'm still a little girl inside). Josh and Jen Tousey from PTProImaging are shooting it and helping me put it together. They are amazing. I think you're all going to love it! This was one of my 2013 goals. 

Thank you to everyone who comes to my gigs to support, keeps me in your prayers, listens to my music, watches my movies, calls me to say, "hey", and most of all who just believe in ME and everything I am. You help me accomplish my dreams. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

p.s I love you mama!! xoxox


Love, Crystle Lightning xoxoxoxheart